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Read about the history of the building, its alumni, and the surrounding community.


The Foundation has the best source for information about the school — its former students. Read more about their experiences attending the Cornland School. Coming soon!


This will provide a greater history of the areas around Cornland, such as the Dismal Swamp, in order to provide historical context for the school. Coming soon!


Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. To the east is a twenty-first century single family home. To the rear is vacant agricultural land filled with trees and brush.

Vernacular in style, the structure is constructed of wood clapboard siding and a standing-seam metal roof. A small brick chimney protrudes from the center of the roofline. Windows are six-over-six, though the glass is continuous in each sash and not broken by the muntins. There are three windows on both the east and west facades. The remaining glazing has been covered with faux-stained glass plastic films. The windows have been boarded up to weatherproof the structure until stabilization and restoration are possible.

The front step has been replaced, as it had deteriorated after years of exposure to the elements. The front door is made of wood, and is topped with a transom window. The transom is hidden by a small overhang.

​The interior of the building is an unadorned single open room. The stove is no longer present, but a hole in the ceiling identifies where the ventilation pipe once was. The original beadboard walls and ceiling are visible under faux-wood paneling. A few alterations were made to the space during its time as a church and as a residence.


Physical Description

The Cornland School is a small, one-room schoolhouse located on Benefit Road in rural Chesapeake, Virginia. The wood-framed building sits between 2245 and 2313 Benefit Road. Adjacent to the west is the New Foreman Temple African